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Is Bacteria Home the best shower media?

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Is Bacteria Home the best shower media? Well let’s take a look.

Bacteria Home is considered the Rolls Royce of Shower media and it doesn’t have to cost the earth although it is more costly than other shower media.

Well Bacteria Home is a porous ceramic media that is used as shower media in Bakki Showers or trickle filters as they are also known, breaking down dangerous substances and particles in the water. First it breaks down the waste in to a less harmful nitrate. Then it uses anaerobe bacteria to brake the nitrate down giving not only a cleaner pond but also clearer water.

Clear pond water

Bacteria Home Shower media quickly develops a healthy bacteria culture, which naturally enriches your pond with oxygen and keeps it clean. All with minimal maintenance.

Bacteria Home also naturally filters dirt and even algae which as a pond keeper is always a good thing.

An added bonus with Bacteria Home media is that it will increase the oxygen in the water as well as raise the mineral redox values. It is said that Bacteria Home is up to 16 times more effective at improving the quality of the water than other filtration systems.


But how do you use it in a Bakki Shower?

You can just place in the shower trays as is like other shower media but that limits it’s potential due to restricting the surface area of the media. The best way and universally accepted way is to break the media up in to smaller pieces, no smaller than 25mm and 40-50mm amounts seem to be the sweet spot. Doing this massively increases the surface area of the media and as we all know that the more surface area we have the more good bacteria can grow, which is the whole aim of biological filtration.


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