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Filtreau Combi Next

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The Filtreau Combi Next is suitable for koi ponds up to 45,000l! And it’s ultra low maintenance make this appealing to use on nearly all koi ponds. The Filtreau Combi Next provides clear water and more importantly healthy water. This combines a Filtreau drum and a massive 350l moving bed system. The system is fitted as standard with 3 inlets (110mm) and 2 outlets (110mm). A waterflow of more than 30 m3/h can be achieved with this system!

The outs and inlets are all on the front of the unit making the Filtreau Combi Next super easy to install even in tight spaces.

  • Incl. 40W UVC Amalgam
  • Max flow rate: 30,000 litres / 6600 gallons
  • 350 litre moving bed
  • 3 x inlets 2 x outlets (110mm)


Length: 93cm

Width: 104cm

Height: 102cm