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Filtreau Drum Filter

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The Filtreau Drum Filter is a reliable and cost effective solution to high end mechanical filtration. Good for ponds up to 5000 gallons and having 2 110mm inlets and 2 110mm outlets (one is for the waste) and a 60 micron screen means that virtually nothing solid gets though and the flush out is fast and effective. Also the Filteau Drum Filter comes with a 40w UV built in making this a great compact unit.

The Filtreau Drum Filter has clever sensors that monitor water level in the drum and when there is a drop it means that the screen has collected enough waste and the cleaning mode kicks in and flushes the wast away.

Made in The Netherlands.
• LED indication when the lamp needs replacing.
• Amalgam UV-C lamp incl. long-life technology (12.000 Hours).
• Perfectly matched electronic ballast and UV-C lamp.
• Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
• 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.
• Completely automatic control.
• Very low maintenance