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Evolution Aqua EazyPod

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The Evolution Aqua EazyPod is a low priced, compact member of the Nexus family,  the world's number one professional Koi filtration range.


The EazyPod provides both mechanical and biological filtration for koi ponds up to 10,000 litres and utilises 18 litres of static K1 Micro media, which provides enhanced biological benefits. The EazyPod filter is tidy and compact with a very small footprint. The Pod is very simple and easy to fit and can be installed in either a pump or gravity fed configuration and comes complete with adjustable rubber boot connectors.

The EazyPod is quick and easy to clean using proven Nexus Eazy clean mechanical filtration and K1 Micro media, resulting in incredibly gin-clear water.

18W UVs are used in the UV models.

The Auto-

Inside the control box, the electronic connector blocks control the automated waste valve,
along with your circulating pond pump (not included). It even houses an
air pump that kicks in automatically to clean the
K1 Micro media.


All the EazyPods come with 18 litres of static K1 Micro media.

EazyPodAir is supplied with a 70 litre per minute air pump and accessory kit.

The EazyPodComplete comes with an 18w UV as well as a 70 litre per minute air pump and accessory kit.