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Filtreau Combi PF20

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The Filtreau Combi PF20 is a low-maintenance complete filter system that provides healthy, clear water, without you having to perform daily maintenance. Could this be the ultimate set up? Handles solid waste and as for bio filtration well, with a colossal 250l moving bed bio chamber that’s taken care of as well.

The Filtreau Combi PF20 is suitable for koi ponds up to 35,000L. Drum filtration and bio chamber for this money is awesome.

The system is fitted as standard with one inlet (110mm) and two outlets (110mm). A water flow of more than 20m3/h can be achieved with this system!

Here is the user manual for this set up to give you a closer look.


93 x 55,5 x 126,5 cm‚ (L x‚ W‚ x H)