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Bio Box Moving Bed Filter

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The Bio Box moving bed filter is a bio filtration system with a 80L bio-chamber which ensures crystal-clear water. The moving-bed is suitable for ponds up to as much as 15,000 litres (fish load dependant). The unit comes with a 2” inlet and a 2” outlet as standard but leave a note a checkout if you require any other sizes (1.5” or 3” available) or undrilled.


This moving bed filter is a non pressurised filtration unit and very energy efficient and extremely effective.

The moving bed filter is ideal to be used after a mechanical filtration system as this is pure bio filtration and is hard to beat.

Super easy installation and comes with or without media and a self levelling/adjusting air bar giving a good spread of bubbles to keep the media moving.

The idea is to have the media moving similar to boiling water which encourages bacteria growth with the added benefit of being self cleaning.

  • 80l plastic bio chamber
  • Rotationally moulded for strength and durability
  • 9” self contained lid
  • Removable air coil with weighted feet (self levelling/adjusting)
  • Anti-return air valve (6mm)
  • K3 style Media included if required

Recommended pump size is 40-60lpm

This filter has to be placed above the pond waterline.

Size- height, depth, width - 45 cm

Please Note-

The unit is delivered with the aerator outside the box to avoid postal damage, it will need connecting to the airline and placing in the box.