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Nexus Filters

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The Evolution Aqua Nexus Filters are so renowned we could leave this description blank and people would still know what they are about, a world leader? The Nexus filter range comes in 2 sizes 220+ and 320+ both auto ready with the required fixtures factory fitted in case you choose to upgrade to an auto box.


The Nexus filter has 2 main parts the outer chamber that acts as a bio bed and the centre chamber deals with the solid waste both using the new K+1 media.

As with all Evolution Aqua filtration systems, Nexus Filters are precisely manufactured at their factory in the UK. The shell of the unique multi chamber filter is formed using specialist rotational moulding machinery. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is injected into a Nexus shaped mould where it is rotated through 360 degrees whilst being exposed to incredibly high temperatures.

Combining a tried and tested, precision manufacturing process with award winning design, and with K+Media and K1 Micro at the heart of the filtration, the Nexus+ will consistently deliver crystal clear, healthy water, allowing Koi and pond fish to thrive.


Nexus 220+

Maximum pond size: 18,000 litres / 4,000 gallons
Recommended flow rate: 6,000 litres per hour

Maximum flow rate: 10,000 litres per hour
Volume of water in Nexus: 510 litres

Amount of K1 Micro in EAZY: 18 litres

Amount of K+Media supplied: 50 litres

Maximum amount of K+Media: 150 litres


Nexus 320+

Maximum pond size: 34,000 litres / 7,500 gallons
Recommended flow rate:11,000 litres per hour

Maximum flow rate:13,000 litres per hour
Volume of water in Nexus:840 litres

Amount of K1 Micro in EAZY:20 litres

Amount of K+Media supplied:100 litres

Maximum amount of K+Media:300 litres

The Nexus Filters MUST be installed on a solid, level base, a minimum of 1.2 metres x 1 metre. Failure to do this will cause irreparable damage to the filter and will therefore invalidate your warranty.