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135L Apex Moving Bed

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Unleash Crystal-Clear Bliss: The 135L Apex Moving Bed Filter for Majestic Ponds.

ALL NEW AND RE-DESIGNED WITH NO WELDS!. Introducing the Next Generation: The 135L Moving Bed Filter with a Solid, Weld-Free Advantage!

Imagine sparkling water reflecting the vibrant dance of your koi, free from harmful toxins. The Apex Moving Bed Filter makes this dream a reality, transforming your pond into a captivating oasis. Complete with lid as well as a high performance 25cm rubber air diffuser. Comes with a 12mm air line isolator/connector, 1.5” drain and lid. PLUS 2 x RUBBER CONNECTORS.

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Here's why it's the perfect choice for discerning pond owners:

Unmatched Power & Clarity:

    • Massive 135L Bio-Chamber: Provides ample space for beneficial bacteria to colonize, ensuring superior water quality and crystal-clear transparency.
    • Handles Ponds Up to 30,000L: No matter your pond size, this filter conquers the challenge, keeping your water pristine and healthy.
    • 75L Moving Bed Media Capacity: Maximises surface area for bacteria growth, boosting filtration efficiency for unparalleled results.

Performance & Design Excellence:

    • Max 15000lh Flow Rate: Ensures efficient water circulation and filtration, leaving no room for harmful elements to linger.
    • Compact Footprint: This filter's 530x590x630mm dimensions make it suitable for a variety of pond sizes without sacrificing performance.
    • Durable Housing: Built to withstand the elements, this filter offers exceptional longevity and reliability for years of worry-free enjoyment. 

Easy to Use & Maintain:

    • Seamless Integration: 2” inlets and outlets for installation, providing a simplistic setup process.
    • Convenient Maintenance: Designed for easy access and cleaning, minimizing the effort required to keep your filter operating at its peak.

UV, heat and frost resistant! Can be used outside or inside, pump or gravity set ups.

Invest in the Apex Moving Bed Filter and witness the transformation of your pond. Its potent bio-filtration, exceptional performance, and user-friendly design will leave you mesmerized by the crystal-clear haven you've created for your precious fish. Order yours today and unlock the magic of a thriving pond ecosystem!

These are made to order and have a lead time of 7-10 working days.