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Aquaforte Drum Filter

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The Aquaforte Drum Filter comes with the control box and a lid all in this affordable price!. This Aquaforte Drum Filter is a complete system just ready to keep your pond clear. The drum filter is becoming a must on many ponds recently. With a screen size of 60 micron virtually nothing gets through except water, couple that with a low install height of just 10cm above water level make this an awesome bit of kit. The tech packed in to the Aquaforte Drum Filter’s control box is staggering with options like motor slow start, motor amp protection, manual cleaning button, standard hourly cleaning, ect.

The Aquaforte Drum Filter is made from a HDPE housing and it’s white parts from a super hard polymer couple that with a 48vdc motor means durability and reliability, something you need from your filter kit.

Suited for pump fed and gravity fed operation (inlet chamber and drum chamber are both fitted with a mounting bracket for the float switch). Float switch can easily be adjusted height wise.

Having a safety cover switch that cuts power to the UVC, motor and cleaning pump means that the Aquaforte Drum Filter is as safe as it is efficient.

It has 3 x 110mm inlets and 2 x 110mm outlets with a 110mm waste means no bottle necks.

  • Custom software
  • Durable build
  • Space for a UVC
  • 60 micron screen
  • Pump or gravity use
  • Control box and lid
  • Flow rates of 25m³/h (5500 gph)

Size (L x B x H): 47 x 57 x 43 cm. Size incl. connections and motor: 50 x 70 x 43cm.