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AquaForte Floating Skimmer (3000 l/h)

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Ditch the Debris, Embrace Serenity: Meet the AquaForte Floating Skimmer ( 3000l/h )!

Imagine: Your pond, not a battleground of leaves and twigs, but a shimmering haven of tranquility. Introducing the AquaForte Floating Skimmer - your secret weapon for a pristine water surface and healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Here's why your pond will thank you:

    • Powerhouse performance: A built-in 60W pump tackles even the mightiest debris with a 3000 l/h capacity,conquering ponds up to 50m².
    • Effortless elegance: Say goodbye to clunky eyesores. This sleek skimmer glides across the water, removing leaves, twigs, and pesky particles with effortless grace.
    • Crystal-clear clarity: The skimmer basket and foam filter pad work in tandem, capturing everything from coarse debris to fine dust, leaving your water sparkling and healthy.
    • Maintenance made easy: No more diving in! Simply remove the basket,rinse, and you're done. Quick and painless pond perfection.
    • Flexibility you deserve: A generous 10-meter cable lets you position the skimmer anywhere, making it ideal for ponds of all shapes and sizes.

Invest in tranquility. Invest in the AquaForte Floating Skimmer. Order yours today and let your pond shine from surface to soul.