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Aquaforte O Series Pumps

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Breathe new life into your pond with the Aquaforte O Series Pumps!

Tired of pond pumps that clog easily and guzzle energy? Say hello to the Aquaforte O Series, a game-changer for pond owners who demand reliable performance, energy efficiency, and hassle-free maintenance.

Here's why the Aquaforte O Series is the perfect choice for your pond:

    • Unmatched Clogging Resistance:Forget about constantly cleaning clogged pumps! The specially designed cage with a large surface area prevents solid waste from entering the impeller and keeps algae build-up at bay.
    • Powerful Vortex Impeller: This innovative impeller can handle solids up to 6mm, ensuring smooth water flow and optimal pond health.
    • Energy-Efficient Performance: Enjoy low electricity consumption without sacrificing power. The Aquaforte O Series pumps are designed to be kind to your wallet and the environment.
    • Versatile Use: Mount the pump submerged or dry-lined (inlet must be underwater) for maximum flexibility.
    • Durable and Reliable: Backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and the trusted Aquaforte brand, you can rest assured your pump will last for years to come.
    • Easy Fit: The pump outlet has a screw thread hosetail (25-38mm, 1"-1.5"),making it easy to connect to your existing pond system.

Invest in the Aquaforte O Series and experience the difference:

    • Crystal-clear, healthy pond water.
    • Effortless maintenance and clog-free operation.
    • Reduced energy bills and eco-friendly performance.
    • Peace of mind knowing you're backed by a trusted brand.

Order your Aquaforte O Series Pump today and unlock the true potential of your pond!

    • Upgrade Your Pond with Reliable Power and Energy Efficiency.
    • Enjoy Crystal-Clear Water and Effortless Maintenance.