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AquaForte Profi Heater

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The AquaForte Profi Heater is an excellent choice when it comes to heating your pond, as in this country we know something about the colder months and our fish do too. The AquaForte Profi Heater series is equipped with an adjustable thermostats (up to 40 º C). Both the heating element with temperature sensor and the interior of the housing is made of high grade 316L stainless steel.

The AquaForte Profi Heaters are a great to keep the temperatures up in the colder month helping to keep your fish more active and growing.

The AquaForte Profi Heater can be connected by means of a hose (25, 32 and 40 mm) or PVC pipe (50 and 63 mm). Max. Pressure: 2 bar.
Includes: 2 hose tails 25/32/40 mm and PVC fittings 50/63 mm. 230V.

Below is a guide to the best pond AquaForte Profi Heater per size of pond cubed\gallon. Please bear in mind there are other factors to consider like pond placement, likely weather conditions etc.
  • Profi Heater 1KW - 5 m³ - 1000g
  • Profi Heater 2KW -10 m³ - 2000g
  • Profi Heater 3KW- 15 m³ - 3000g
WARNING: If your system is a PUMP FED system, then you MUST make provisions to be able to REMOVE THE HOSETAILS once per month to enable you to ‘FLUSH’ out the body of the AquaForte Profi Heater using the normal hose pipe. Failure to do this simple task will cause debris and waste matter to collect on the element which (if not removed) in time may cause the element to burn out