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Bacteria Home FAR Infrared Media

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Bacteria Home
 FAR Infrared Media is a high-grade filter medium made of porous bars of mineral rock. The rock is baked under very high temperatures. This media is suitable for different types of filter, but is especially effective in a bakki shower.

High concentrations of good bacteria nestle in the microscopic pores in the rock. The bacteria improve the quality of your water and filter out any harmful particles such as nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia.

Bacteria Home FAR Infrared Media increases the mineral and redox values of the water. It also enriches your pond with oxygen. Bacteria Home is the ultimate shower filter media and very hard to beat.

The media emits FAR infrared rays that break the bonds of the neighbouring water molecules thereby allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water. Larger organic solids are dissolved quicker than conventional media.

Thickness: 40mm

Length: 150mm

50 pieces per box

1 box of Bacteria Home is equivalent to around 28-35 litres of filter medium.

There is a dispatch time of 24hr with this media!.

How to use-

Simply break up the media in random pieces about 20mm-50mm in size and place in filter. Depending on size and shape of pieces it should cover 28-35 litres of space (approximately the size of 1 average sized shower tier)