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Blanket Weed Resolve

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Blanket Weed Resolve is Aqua Source’s answer to the dreaded blanket weed and it works really well. As with any weed either in water or land they eventually progress and become resistant to the treatments that worked well in the past. Even at low temperatures this formula does the job.

Aqua Source Blanket Weed Resolve is harmless to animals and plants, even your filter bacteria is safe with this treatment. Contains no ammonium or algaecides but will leave your pond water a bit cloudy a few days after the initial treatment, this is normal and no need to worry. As with all pond treatments, ensure that the pond is well oxygenated. A kH above 2 is recommended, if unsure add some KH buffer.

  • Blanketweed RESOLVE 250g Treats 7,500 litres (1,650 gallons)
  • Blanketweed RESOLVE 500g Treats 15,000 ltrs (3,300 gallons)
  • Blanketweed RESOLVE 1kg Treats 30,000 ltrs (6,600 gallons)
  • Blanketweed RESOLVE 2kg Treats 60,000 litres (13,200 gallons)

Instructions for Use:

  • Dosage is 25g per 750 litres (165 gallons), added directly to the pond. UV Clarifier can be left on.
  • Repeat dose every 10 days over 30 days, if necessary, then add one dose monthly to prevent re-occurrence.
  • No need to mix in a bucket, simply sprinkle directly around the edges of your pond.
  • Wash hands after use and keep away from children.