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Boyu SES 30l Air Pump

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This Boyu SES 30l Air Pump is extremely quite perfect for tranquil settings. Only using 25w of power means this air pump is also super economical. Rock solid reliability and replaceable diaphragms means this 30l air pump will give you years of service. These air pumps are supplied by Kockney Koi who know a thing or two about quality and reliability in the aquatic world. 

This air pump is perfect for most ponds and can easily run a pond and moving bed filter requirements if needed. Air pumps are a must on koi ponds especially in the summer months keeping your pond oxygenated and your koi happy.

  • Unique design for outdoor use
  • Long life with polymer composite rubber air chamber
  • Yamitsu Kockney Koi reliability
  • Oil-free
  • Low noise
  • Efficiency and energy saving
  • Stable performance
  • 30 litres air flow