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Budget Skimmer (2000 L/h)

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Banish the Pond Scum: Embrace Sparkling Serenity with the Budget Skimmer (2000 L/h) !

Tired of battling leaves and twigs in your beloved pond? Wave goodbye to surface debris and embrace crystal-clear serenity with the ingenious Budget Floating Skimmer (2000 L/h)

Here's why your pond will do a happy dance:

    • Effortless surface cleanup: This sleek floater draws water and debris with a powerful 2000 LPH pump, leaving your pond shimmering and inviting.
    • Say cheese to easy cleaning: The convenient debris basket catches all the unwanted guests, and the removable foam filter traps even the tiniest particles. Both come out for quick and painless cleaning, so you can spend more time enjoying your pond paradise.
    • Whisper-quiet operation: Relax and unwind – the energy-efficient 45W motor works its magic without disturbing the peace.
    • Ready in a flash: Simple assemblygets you skimming in no time. Just click the pods, pop in the filter, and watch your pond transform.
    • Go with the flow: Float it freely or secure it in place – the Budget Skimmer adapts to your pond's unique personality.