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Keep Your Pond Crystal Clear & Fish Healthy with this 10” De-Chlorinator!

Protect your precious pond fish and promote healthy pond life with a De-Chlorinator. This easy-to-use filter removes harmful chlorine, chloramines, and other impurities from tap water before it enters your pond or filtration system.

Comes with a 1 filter FREE of charge!



Why is de-chlorination important?

    • Safeguards fish health: Chlorine and chloramines can irritate fish gills,leading to stress, disease, and even death.
    • Boosts beneficial bacteria: These microscopic cleaners thrive in healthy pond water, and chlorine disrupts their growth.
    • Provides cleaner, clearer water: Enjoy a beautiful, healthy pond ecosystem with optimal water quality.

The De-Chlorinator: Your Pond's Guardian Angel

    • Simple & Convenient: Connects directly to your standard garden hose for effortless water changes.
    • Powerful Filtration: Highest-grade activated carbon block removes up to 99% of chlorine and other toxins.
    • Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy 3-6 months (up to 15,000 litres) of filtration per 10” cartridge, depending on water quality.
    • Safe & Reliable: Made with WRAS-approved plastic housing, NSF-approved carbon, and food-grade materials for complete peace of mind.
    • Easy Maintenance: Replace the filter cartridge effortlessly for continued optimal performance.

More Reasons to Choose this De-Chlorinator :

    • Removes organic substances for even better water quality.
    • Excellent filtration with minimal pressure loss.
    • Ideal for first pond fills and regular water changes.
    • 100% fish-safe for a thriving pond ecosystem.

Invest in the health and beauty of your pond with this De-Chlorinator. Order yours today and experience the difference!