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Evolution Aqua Surge Filter

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Unleash Crystal-Clear Bliss: The Evolution Aqua Surge Filter with 18-Watt UV!

Imagine sparkling water reflecting the vibrant dance of your koi, free from pesky debris and harmful toxins. The Evolution Aqua Surge Filter with 18-watt UV makes this dream a reality! This innovative polishing system transforms your pond into a captivating oasis, offering:

Unmatched Clarity & Health:

    • 18-Watt UV Power: Eliminates harmful algae and bacteria, ensuring pristine water quality and healthy fish.
    • Versatility: Use it with existing filtration or solo for ponds up to 5,000L!
    • Efficient Mechanical & Biological Filtration: K+Media traps tiny particles while promoting beneficial bacteria growth.

Effortless Maintenance:

    • Patent-Pending Air Syphon Design: Cleans the filter media quickly and easily in minutes.
    • Fast Maturation: K+Media's unique mineral formula promotes rapid colonization of beneficial bacteria.
    • Simple Setup: Easy installation and intuitive operation for stress-free pond care.

Here's how it works:

    1. Water flows through the filter, reaching the K+Media.2
    2. K+Media acts as a barrier, trapping debris for later removal.
    3. The 18-watt UV light neutralises harmful elements, ensuring water clarity.
    4. Cleaning? Simply turn off the pump, close valves, and open the waste tap. Air syphon technology does the rest!

More than just a filter, it's an investment in your pond's health and your peace of mind. Order your Evolution Aqua Surge Filter today and witness the transformation:

    • Crystal-clear water for a stunning pond
    • Healthy fish thriving in a pristine environment
    • Minimal maintenance for more time to enjoy your oasis

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