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Floss Lined Filter Sock

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Wave Goodbye to Cloudy Water: Crystal-Clear Perfection with Floss Lined Filter Socks!

Tired of murky pond water? Ditch the disappointment and embrace sparkling clarity with our premium Filter Socks! These revolutionary water warriors trap even the tiniest debris, leaving you with breathtakingly transparent ponds your fish will love. 

Here's why you'll be hooked:

    • Top-notch filtration: Crafted from ultra-fine nylon floss, these socks capture even the sneakiest dirt and algae, leaving your water pristine and healthy.
    • Reusable champions: No more wasteful disposables! Simply turn them inside out, rinse with a hose, and you're good to go. Save money and the planet with these eco-friendly heroes.
    • Overflow prevention: Worried about blockages? The clever floss stops just short of the top, allowing water to overflow gracefully even if the sock gets a little full. No more pond emergencies!
    • Easy installation: Seamlessly fit these socks into your existing filter system via the high-quality welded ring. Enjoy crystal-clear results in no time!

Invest in brilliant pond water and peace of mind with our Filter Socks. Order yours today and experience the magic of crystal clarity!

Frequency of cleaning these varies due to filtration set up, time of year and flow rates.