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Hailea Air Pumps

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These Hailea Air Pumps are oil free piston operated pumps, and are available in four different sizes, each with a different air output, from 20 litres a minute to a whopping 90!. There is a size to suit all needs.

Although these are not the quietest on the market they make up for it in power easily holding there own against other pumps.

All pumps are also supplied with a air splitter giving the option to run a different number of air lines.

Pump Specifications-

20l/m- Power: 20w

             Output: 20 litres per minute

40l/m- Power: 35w

             Output: 40 litres per minute

60l/m- Power: 55w

             Output: 60 litres per minute

90l/m- Power: 120w

             Output: 90 litres per minute