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Koi Colour Boosting Pond Sticks

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Ignite the Vibrancy of Your Pond: Koi Colour Boosting Pond Sticks!

Specially formulated to enhance the stunning colours of your koi, carp, and other cold water fish, Koi Colour Pond Sticks offer a complete and nutritious feast!

Key Features:

  • Vibrant colour Boost: Watch your fish's colours come alive with a formula rich in natural colour enhancers.
  • Strengthens Resistance: Essential vitamins and minerals support a healthy immune system, keeping your fish strong and active.
  • Improved Growth: Packed with 28% crude protein, these sticks promote healthy growth and development.
  • Floating Feast: Easy for fish to consume, minimising waste and keeping your pond water clear.
  • Clear Water: Does not cloud water creating a cleaner environment.

A Complete and Balanced Diet:

  • Tasty & Nutritious: These premium floating sticks provide a delightful and nutritious meal that your fish will love.
  • Complete Feed: This all-in-one food offers all the essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements your fish need for optimal health.
  • Year-Round Feeding: The diversified formula ensures your fish receive the necessary nutrients throughout the year.

Benefits Beyond the Food:

  • Healthy Immune System: Strengthens your fish's natural defenses for better disease resistance.
  • Crystal-Clear Water: The high digestibility minimizes waste, keeping your pond water clean and healthy.
  • Long & Healthy Life: Promotes overall well-being and supports a long lifespan for your beloved fish.

Detailed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein: 28% (Essential for growth and repair)
  • Crude Oils and Fat: 3.5% (Provides energy)
  • Crude Fibre: 3.5% (Aids digestion)
  • Crude Ash: 6.5% (Provides important minerals)

Ingredients (Full list available):

  • Maize Flour
  • Wheat Meal
  • Meat Meal
  • Soybean Meal
  • Greaves (rendered animal fat)
  • Vitamins A, D3, E, C
  • Minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus)

Unlock the full potential of your pond's beauty with Koi Colour Pond Sticks! Order yours today and witness the transformation!