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Montmorillonite Koi Clay 1Kg

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 This is genuine Montmorillonite Koi Clay 1KG bags

Koi Clay is used to enrich your Koi pond water, deepening colour and giving an overall luste to your koi. Also acting like a sponge for impuraties pulling them out of open water to the bottom of the pond making removal easy, so improves water clarity.
As well as cosmetic benifits this also aids fish health by helping remove toxins/poisons. This is also said to improve appitite in koi.
Containing colloidal minerals this clay re-mineralises water providing trace elements and minerals. 

Montmorillonite Koi Clay 1Kg I still a must have for your pond.

This is supplied in 1KG re-sealable bags for freshness, we are able to keep the price down as we buy in bulk and re-pack in to smaller amounts passing the savings on to you.

Directions for use-
A 15g (about a level tablespoon) treats 4000 litres, simply add your required amount to a bucket of pond water and tip all over the surface of your pond.
the cloudy look will clear within 6-24 hours.
Use weekly for best results
Can be used twice a week if needed.

1kg - will give around 65 doses (15g)