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Retro Fit Bottom Drain

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The Retro Fit Bottom Drain (1.5”) is the answer if you want to add a bottom drain to an existing pond. We have seen many Retro Fit Bottom Drains and the quality of this one is second to none do not be fooled by cheaper alternatives.

The Retro Fit Bottom Drain will improve circulation and in turn help keep your pond clear of floating debris, giving you less maintenance to deal with and let’s face it when it comes to pond keeping the less time on maintenance the better!.
The Retro Fit Bottom Drain sits on the floor of your pond, requires no digging or back breaking labour. Just simply place the self weighted bottom dome in your pond and attach a pipe either a solid 1.5” pvc or a flexi pipe to your pump of choice and that’s it, couldn’t be more easy.

All the benefits of a bottom drain without the expense and labour.

  • Stepped hose connector included
  • 1.5” fitting
  • Self weighted
  • Better circulation
  • Better filtration
  • Fast and easy installation