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Roto Shower Tube

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The Roto Shower Tube is a shower filter with a twist, the option to add an integrated 300 micron sieve on the top to catch the finest waste disposed of via it’s dedicated waste outlet. The Roto Shower Tube is supplied with awesome crystal bio media, a great shower media similar looking to pumice stone but better performing. The Roto Shower Tube has 100lts of media where as the sieved option comes with 50lts to make room for the sieve.

Good for up to 3000 gallons as a stand-alone system the Roto Shower Tube is sure to fit into your filtration plans.

Coming in a graphite grey colour and a matching lid helps this Roto Tube Shower blend in to your pond surroundings.

The Roto Tube Shower has a tiny footprint for such a powerful filter only 1225mm high and has an external diamter of 450mm. The Inlet on both models is by means of a 1½” connection with a return of 3”.