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The Tempest Filter

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The Tempest Filter is Evolution Aquas the latest filtration tech and its getting rave reviews. Essentially the Tempest Filter is to be added to your existing filtration system, acting as a water polisher, ideal on a skimmer outlet or standalone with the added bonus of being able to add it to your existing system for that finishing water touch.
The Tempest Filter uses the latest K1+Media to deliver healthy crystal clear water.

The tempest can be installed with the return below the water line as it returns the water back to the pond under pressure. We would recommend fitting a one way valve between the filter and the pond so that it doesn’t siphon back from the pond when the tempest is turned off.

Easy to clean
with the pump turned off, slide valves closed, and waste valve open, air is drawn into the filter. As air and water mix inside the filter tube, the media starts to move chaotically, dislodging the trapped waste. Dirty water then exits the filter tube at the bottom via the waste line, leaving clean media.

How it works
Water is pumped up through the Tempest Filter. The K+Media moves to the top of the filter, becoming a mechanical barrier that traps debris as it flows through the system. Waste is trapped in the K+Media until the cleaning cycle dislodges it, and it gets flushed away.


Here is the manual

  • Ideal as a polisher to deliver crystal clear, healthy water
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with most filtration systems
  • Can also be used as standalone filter on smaller ponds
  • Quick and easy to clean - patent pending air siphon design
  • Uses K+Media as mechanical and biological filtration media
  • Traps particles down to one micron
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • 2 year guarantee

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100 x 350 x 200 mm
Filter Volume 25 l
Inlet Connection 1½”
Outlet Connection 1½”
Waste Discharge Connection 1″
Recommended Flow Rate 5,000 lph
Max. Flow Rate 7,500 lph